Waterford Ancient East

Founded by the Vikings over a 1000 years ago in the 9th century, Waterford is considered Ireland's oldest city. Just outside of Waterford City, Viking Hotel is in a convenient location for you to begin your journey of discovery through Ireland's Ancient East.

Waterford’s Medieval Museum

Medieval Museum | City Centre, Co. Waterford

Waterford City is steeped in centuries of history and no more so than its Medieval past. Visit Waterford's Medieval Museum where you can view extraordinary items dating back to the latter Medieval Ages.

Viking Triangle

waterfordtreasures.com | City Centre, Co. Waterford

The Viking Triangle is at the centre of Waterford City's history and heritage. Head to one of the many attractions here such as Reginald's Tower, the Waterford Museum of Treasures or meander through Waterford's ancient and narrow streets just as the local population have done for centuries gone by.

Waterford's Coastal Towns

tramore.iediscoverdunmore.com | Co. Waterford

Waterford is famous for its beautiful coastline and no more so than its two most popular seaside towns Tramore and Dunmore East. Both of these towns are located in the sunny South-East of the country where their blue flag beaches are second to none in Ireland. There is fun for people of all ages with numerous family attractions, superb traditional restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Waterford's sheer coastal cliffs and the Irish Sea are the prefect opportunity for you to get that picture perfect moment.