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Extra Points When You Opt Out Of Housekeeping

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Here in Viking Hotel Waterford, we around proud of our county. We shout about our sporting achievements and are proud of the industry, heritage and beauty of our surroundings. We also understand the need to be as sustainable as we can to conserve the beauty of Waterford by taking care of the environment. We encourage our staff and visitors to ‘leave no trace’ making sure we have as little impact on the environment as possible, conserving energy and reducing waste as much as we can. We have implemented a new programme to reduce our impact, with more details below.

The Impact of Housekeeping

Every time you check into a hotel, you are entitled to a freshly cleaned room, with fresh sheets, empty bins and all surfaces to be completely sanitary. Viking Hotel prides itself on our high standards of cleanliness and we want all of our guests to be 100% satisfied throughout their stay. However, if you are staying for more than one night, do you really need a complete refresh of your room each day?

Daily hotel housekeeping has a huge impact on the environment, using thousands of litres of water, excessive chemicals & supplies and taking up countless man-hours. If just 15% of hotel guests opt-out of daily housekeeping throughout a stay of two or more nights, the results would include significant reductions in water, chemicals and energy used in cleaning and washing of linen and towels. A study has shown that in an average city centre hotel, decreasing the number of rooms turned down each day led to the below positive impact:

  • 186 litres of water reduced
  • 0.19kWhr of electricity reduced
  • 7.3kWhr of natural gas reduced
  • Reduced cleaning chemicals

Our New Programme

Many guests, mainly from the younger, more environmentally aware age groups, are opting to be rewarded for foregoing a daily turndown service. When you check in to the Viking Hotel in Waterford, you will be made aware of our new initiative. If you would like to forego a daily turndown service, on a stay of two nights or more, you just need to hang our specially designed door hanger on the outside of your bedroom door by 2am. Our housekeeping team will then skip your room in their daily housekeeping rounds, only stopping by if you specially request it.

Benefit to You

As a thank you for your care for the environment, we will reward you an extra 600 points on your ‘Rewards From Us To You’ account if you forego your daily turndown. You can also rest assured that your stay is having as little impact on the wider environment as possible. As a guest, we value your privacy and comfort above all else. We understand that daily housekeeping can be intrusive for some guests, causing disruption and sometimes waking you up earlier than you had expected. When you opt-out of daily turndown, you’ll enjoy a completely uninterrupted stay, with no unexpected visitors.

Benefit to The Hotel

Our guests and the environment are not the only ones to benefit from our new programme. The hotel will also save on washing detergent, chemicals, energy, water plus reduced wear and tear on fabrics. The savings we make on supplies and energy costs can then be passed on to you, our guest, enabling us to offer our best value rates with less overhead costs to cover. We’ll also reduce man-hours, meaning that our busy housekeeping team can focus their time sprucing up our public areas and corridors. Our staff can also help guests more effectively when they’re under less pressure to turn over a huge number of rooms each day.

Rewards From Us To You

Our excellent loyalty programme aims to reward guests for choosing to stay in Viking Hotel. The programme allows you to earn rewards points for every euro spent on accommodation in the hotel. When you book directly with us you can earn points which can be redeemed online for a range of fantastic gifts cards and free night stay certificates. Yet another great reason to book direct! Benefits include:

  • Points awarded each time you stay
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out
  • Complimentary upgrades
  • Earn 150 bonus points (in addition to the points you earn for your stay)
  • 600 bonus points when you opt-out of daily turndown

If you’d like to book your stay in Viking Hotel Waterford, our best available rates are available exclusively on our official website or by calling our friendly team today.

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