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Shopping in Waterford City

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Whether you’re here for sightseeing, to cycle the gorgeous Waterford Greenway or for a romantic trip to the city, you’ll likely find time for some retail therapy in Waterford. Waterford is a hidden gem for shopping along Irelands Ancient East and you’ll find everything from big brands to local craft shops and everything in between. Here is our guide to shopping in Waterford whether you’re here to find a bargain or just love to browse.

Why Support Local?

It’s more important than ever to support small local businesses during a time when we need it the most. There are so many good reasons to spend your hard-earned cash in a local business and not fill the pocket of yet another multinational. When you shop in an Irish or independently owned business, you are helping the doors stay open, you’re allowing the owner to continue trading and keeping staff employed. It’s not always feasible for convenience or economic reasons but if we all make a conscious effort to include a couple more locally produced items in our shop each week (or for Christmas or occasions) it will have a very positive impact on our economy. Buying local food and drink also reduces your carbon footprint. Do your bit while shopping and include Irish producers and retailers.

Alternative Shopping

Chances are that Waterford isn’t the first Irish city you’ve shopped in but it may be the most unique! If you’re looking for something special to wear for an event, a gift for a special birthday or anniversary or something unique to remember your trip to Irelands oldest city, you’ll find it here. From vintage and designer boutiques to shops selling beautiful handmade goods, Waterford has it all. Make sure to drop in to say hello to the friendly staff in Finder Keepers, an independent, design-led home and giftware store for a funny or unique gift idea and The Vintage Store or Narnia Vintage Emporium will have you covered for a one-of-a-kind outfit that is sure to turn heads.

We couldn’t mention local shopping without the brand that has made Waterford a household name all over the world, Waterford Crystal. Their unique designs are supplied to businesses across the city (and the world!) but while you’re here, we recommend visiting the place where it all began. Not only can you learn about the history of Waterford Crystal and see for yourself how these magnificent pieces are created, you can also shop some of their most unique designs and take a part of our heritage home with you.

Second-Hand Shopping

Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more popular and we’re delighted to have so many second hand, vintage and charity shops in Waterford to lend a hand. ‘Thrifting’ is popular here with so many bargains to be found in the multitude of charity shops – who need our support now more than ever. You may not find the latest styles in the hodgepodge of organised mess but you’ll definitely find unique clothing, shoes and accessories you could never find on the high street. Best of all, charity shops sell everything at a fraction of the original price, including designer and unique non-Irish goods. We have many charity shops supporting local addiction groups and animal charities and everything in between. Try thrifting in Waterford and surprise yourself.

Eat local

Instead of heading to a local fast-food joint, or a big-name coffee shop to refuel, head to somewhere smaller and independently owned. Bars and restaurants have been hit the hardest of all industry sectors the past few months and supporting a locally run place could make a big difference to the business and the wider economy. Starbucks and McDonalds will weather this storm but the places that make Waterford unique may not. For the best coffee in the city, head to Blackfriars Coffee for the best cup in town. You won’t get a better dinner than our in-house Restaurant Pestle and Mortar and for a pint to end the evening, head to The Gingerman Pub down one of the cities colourful lanes.

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