Viking Hotel Waterford

Breakfast Menu

The Fry Up

Fried Irish breakfast with sausages, bacon, pudding, fried egg, beans & potato cubes 1,3,12


The Veggie Breakfast

Flat cap mushroom topped with poached egg, spinach, smoked cheddar, served on a toasted half blaa 1,3,7,12


Something Sweet

American style waffle served with smoked streaky bacon & maple syrup 1,3,6,7,8,12


Bacon & Eggs

Fluffy Scrambled eggs & bacon served on toast 1,3,7


Blaa Blaa Blaa..

Floury Waterford blaa filled with    sausages, bacon & homemade relish 1,10


 Kids Breakfast

 – Sausage, beans & toast 1

-Scrabbled eggs, bacon & toast 1,7

-Toasted waffle & maple syrup 1,3,6,7,8,12


Breakie on the go (Takeaway)

Yoghurt, fruit Juice, takeaway tea/coffee, fruit piece, floury Waterford blaa filled with sausage, bacon & homemade relish  1,7,10,12


Veggie on the go (Takeaway)

Yoghurt, fruit juice, takeaway tea/coffee, fruit piece, floury Waterford blaa with haloumi cheese, red onion marmalade, spinach & sundried tomato 1,7,12


The numbers below list the allergens that are contained in dishes above.

1-Cereals Containing Gluten 2- Crustaceans 3-Egg 4-Fish
5 –-Peanuts 6- Soybeans 7-Mik (Including lactose) 8-Nuts
9-Celery 10-Mustard 11-Sesame Seeds 12-Sulphur Dioxide 13-Lupin 14-Molluscs

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